Happy 1-Year Anniversary to Laura Bravo

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Here at StaxUp Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our renters is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with San Ysidro team member Laura Bravo, who is celebrating her 1-year anniversary with StaxUp Storage this week.

Laura Bravo - StaxUp Storage

Laura Bravo, assistant manager at StaxUp San Ysidro, is celebrating her 1-year anniversary with StaxUp this week!

Laura is an assistant manager at StaxUP Storage – San Ysidro.

Peter: How did you get started in the self storage business and matched up with StaxUp?

Laura: Well, I have a friend who is cousins with some of the employees here and she told me how good of a company it is. She said that if there is ever an opportunity open that I should jump on it, because you can really grow at that company. And I was like, you know what, I should and I did and, you know what, it’s been great, really good and I’m glad I did.

Peter: What is it that makes you like StaxUP so much?

Laura: I like how the company is not very corporate. You know? They care about you. As long as you are doing your job, it’s a really good work place. I’ve worked at places that were really by the book. With StaxUP, they’re really easy to work with. With everything that comes up, it’s just a lesson. Monique has been really good to work with. She has taught me a lot. I like this company. They help you learn and they help you grow a lot.

Peter: I’ve heard that from a lot of the team members. After a year do you have any stories?

Laura: It’s always fun to work here. Every day is a different day. Nothing too crazy. We work together and I like it.

Peter: You’re at kind of an interesting facility, right?

Laura: Yeah, we’re down in San Ysidro, basically right by the border across from Tijuana. We get crazy traffic during the summer.

StaxUP Storage San Ysidro

It is normal for there to be 1 or more vehicles in the paths through StaxUP Storage in San Ysidro.

Peter: What is all the traffic from during the summer?

Laura: The mall is really near by, Las Americas Outlet, so a lot of the stores get extra storage and then some people buy a lot of stuff and cross it to TJ, so we have a lot of customers. A lot of people keep their unit for a long time, because they are selling, a lot of people from the swap meet. It’s just a lot of different people, but that’s mainly what we have here.

Peter: So you aren’t always at work. Do you have any hobbies that people at the company might not know about?

Laura: I just like being outdoors a lot. I get to do that a little more than normal with this job, but I like to go hiking, be at the beach, go to the park. Now that I have a baby, he loves being outdoors.

Peter: He took after momma.

Laura: Haha, yeah, of course.

Torrey Pines State Reserve

The beach and a hiking trail at Torrey Pines State Reserve.

Peter: That’s great what’s your favorite hike in the area?

Laura: Torrey Pines is the best. There’s a little hike new the beach and a bunch of different trails. There are many different hikes you can take and some of them lead to the beach. Even during cold weather it’s a good time. It never gets too cold here.

Peter: I’m jealous. So, are there any restaurants in the area that you enjoy.

Laura: I just go to the mall. Usually there are a lot of places to eat. I usually go to Buffalo Wild Wings. BJ’s I like a lot.

Peter: At the end of these, I have been asking if there is anyone  you’d like to give a shout out to. Is there anyone at the facility or the home office you would like to give a shout out to?

Laura: Yes, for sure Monique. She has been a really good teacher. She goes through things so easily. She never gives me a hard time. She teaches me the way that she was taught and it’s really easy and I learned it so quick. It’s been really fun working with her.

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