Happy 3-Year Anniversary to Doug Leep!

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Here at StaxUp Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our renters is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with San Ysidro, CA team member Doug Leep, who is celebrating his 3-year anniversary with StaxUP Storage this week.

staxup storage team member doug leep

Doug Leep is a member of the StaxUP San Ysidro team.

Doug is a member of the team at StaxUP Storage – San Ysidro.

Peter: Hey Doug, thanks for taking the time to speak with me. I know how busy StaxUP San Ysidro can be. Did you get a chance to look over the questions we emailed? Did anything look like it was out of left field?

Doug: No, it was in right field.



Hahaha, I used to play right field, right center field was my position when I played softball for 10 years.

Peter: Oh, really?

Doug: It was that speed. I was fast.

Peter: Yeah, yeah. You need the fast guys out there, because all of those right handed hitters are going to try and pull it.

Doug: Yeah, so ten years of it, traveling all over California. I played in a league here in San Diego. We’d take three teams with us. We’d take a women’s team with us. I have a few trophies and plaques from the years that I played.  

Peter: Do you not play anymore?

Doug: No, it’s been like ten years. We used to play in a league, but then we started playing in tournaments. That’s when we traveled a lot, on the weekends, but I just turned the big six-oh this year, so I don’t have the wheels like I once used to.

Peter: Gotcha, not the wheels that you had when you were 50.

Doug: No, no, hahaha. I still have my glove and my shoes and a bag of balls. I like to go out and throw it around a little bit, beat it around a little bit with the buddies. We don’t play tournaments anymore.

Peter: That’s cool, man. It’s good to have a hobby like that. Do you have any hobbies that you still get to do now a days?

Doug: I’m a bowling person. I’m a golf person. I’ve done a lot of the different sports to compete. I don’t do as much as I once used to. I got a few bowling trophies. We got a bag of golf clubs, but I don’t go out like I once used to. We put them away in a closet and we don’t see it again for a while. Or in the garage somewhere, you know?

Peter: Not the self storage unit though?

Doug: No, no, hahaha.

Peter: Haha, that’s funny. Do you live down in the San Ysidro area, around the facility?

Doug: No. I used to live downtown in San Diego for about 15 years, but I moved.

Peter: What prompted the move?

Doug: Just getting a little more expensive to live in the Gaslamp.

Peter: Yeah, that area is just exploding.

Doug: Yep, so that’s what it is. Like anything else around San Diego. I’ve been here for 30 years, so I’m getting ready to kind of bail out maybe one day.

self storage facility front office

The StaxUP Storage front office in San Ysidro, California.

Peter: Oh, you’ve seen a lot of change then.

Doug: It’s not really getting better for us – trying to buy and rent and everything else. When people look at the houses and what they were worth maybe two years ago when they were trying to buy and then say that they should just wait off a year, then look at what happens when it goes so far up in a year when they were looking at property last year. It’s kind of crazy.

Peter: The housing market in California is just insane. I’m just going to back up and ask you about self storage a little bit. So how did you get involved with StaxUP Storage?

Doug: Well, it was when I was at Ballpark, Josh was there back in them times and he had me do a few projects for him around the property at ballpark and then once he went to El Cajon, I helped them during the transition when they were doing the remodeling and then, of course, Julie and them came out and they said, “Well, why don’t you just come up to the office and fill out an application to do maintenance?” So that’s how I became a team member.

Peter: That’s a good way to do it. They saw that you were a hard worker. They saw that you were a good guy and they were like, “Hey, get in here. Join the team.”

Doug: It’s all because of Josh. He’s the one who got my foot in the door.

Peter: So you’ve been in self storage for a little while now. What’s it like working for StaxUP Storage?

Doug: I enjoy it. The team is great to work with. Monique is outstanding. Same with her mom. Can’t find no two better managers than them. We’ve got a great team here. We went through a few transitions of people that we’ve had, but it is an awesome team. It’s a great location. If you can work at this location, it’s a piece of cake anywhere else.

Peter: Yeah, you are pretty high traffic in San Ysidro, right?

Doug: Because we are 1850 some units. We do UHaul trucks and trailers and then we also have parcel pickup and packages and mail service, so we’re busy all day long. We always have our track shoes on.

Peter: That’s more than a self storage facility. That’s like a little city. There’s just so much going on there.

Doug: Yeah, if you want training come here, because it will be a piece of cake anywhere else you go.

Peter: Self storage is kind of a unique business. It seems more personal. Have you had any experiences where you’ve really helped someone out?

Doug: Especially if there are old people coming in, ladies or seniors, if they need help unloading, I’ll help unload their truck or UHaul and bring it up into the building. I’ve helped with that many times. I just did that a couple days ago. If I have a few minutes, I’m willing to help out. I’m there for them.

Peter: I’m sure they appreciate it. Is there anything else that’s unique about the facility?

Doug: Our location is unique, because we are down close to the border, so our traffic is vendors and people who do swap meets and stuff here. For our location, we have a lot of people who live across, over there on the border and then they work over here, but ours is mostly vendors and I think that’s why our location is so appealing to people when they go on the internet or they come and stop in as a walk in and they see our facility because we are right here close to the border. A lot of our renters are transporting stuff back and forth, they receive packages and they store the stuff in their unit, but I think that is what is appealing, that we are so close to the border. A lot of the companies that are in this area also have storage.

wide lanes and drive up units at StaxUP Storage in San Ysidro, CA

We have wide lanes at StaxUP Storage in San Ysidro to make your move as convenient as possible!

Peter: So you’re really helping local business with extra storage space, a place for inventory.

Doug: Yes, yes. Most of our high end, bigger units on this property are all people who own stores themselves.

Peter: So you’re not always at the self storage facility. Are you married? Do you have kids?

Doug: No, no, I’m single. Sixty, single and my parents are gone. My grandparents are gone. I have three brothers, four sisters.

Peter: Being single is the way to go.  

Doug: Every now and then we’ll give a shout out.

Peter: That’s good. Are there any restaurants near the facility that are worth trying out?

Doug: There’s a Don Chito’s and that’s where you can get some good chilaquiles.

Peter: I love chilaquiles.

Doug: Yeah, and that’s about the only one. I usually bring my own lunch.

Peter: That was everything. At the end of these I like to ask if that is anyone at StaxUP Storage that you think deserves a shout out. Would you like to give anyone a shout out?

Doug: Well, it has to be Josh, because he’s the one who got me in the doorway. I know he’s not with the property anymore, but he’s the guy who got my foot in the door to help him out and then I went out there to El Cajon and then, of course, Julie got me to come up to the office, but it has to be Josh, you know?   

Peter: Good guy for sure.

Doug: Yeah, yeah, real good guy.

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