StaxUp Storage in Chula Vista Raises Donations for Local Elementary School

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StaxUp Storage in Chula Vista raised more than $250 worth of school supplies for students at Park Village Head Start! Thanks to everyone who donated!

“It’s a low income school, so they don’t get help from the government and the little that they do get, it’s not enough,” said StaxUP Storage Property Manager Yesenia Wilhoite. “The minute Anna and I showed up in there, the kids were ecstatic. They were already so excited. It honestly was really beautiful to see, because for us, we often don’t get to see the small things. Seeing that was just really beautiful.”

StaxUP Storage team in the office preparing school supply donation.

The team at StaxUP Storage in Chula Vista preparing to take school supplies to students at Park Village Head Start.

staxup storage gives kids school supplies

Park Village Head Start students receive school supplies from StaxUp Storage in Chula Vista.

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