StaxUP Storage in El Cajon is Adopting a Family This Christmas

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Help Us Help Them

Family #1
Grandmother- Carmella
Boy- Angel 7 years
Girl- Camila 4 years
Boy- Kotah 2 years

Family #2
Mom- Cynthia
Dad- Theo
Boy- Theo Jr. 6 years

Christmas is a magical time when families and friends come together to eat, drink, and be merry. But what about those in our community who aren’t financially able to celebrate the way they would like?

Paul Mauer, Manager at StaxUP Storage in El Cajon, California, took it upon himself this year to look after two families during the holiday season.

“We just want to help those who are having a hard time. There’s a mother and a grandmother here who wouldn’t be able to provide Christmas presents for these kids, so it’s something I wanted to do,” Paul said.

Come on down to the StaxUP Storage location El Cajon to contribute. We are currently accepting donations in the form of toys, money, and gift cards. Help us give back to some of El Cajon’s neediest residents and help two families have a very joyful Christmas.

Adopt a family drive at StaxUP Storage in El Cajon.

StaxUP Storage in El Cajon, CA is having a donation drive to adopt two local familieis this Christmas. Paul Mauer, facility manager, is heading up the drive.

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