Self Storage Team Milestone: Happy 4-Year Anniversary to Paul Mauer

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Here at StaxUP Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our self storage renters is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with El Cajon, CA team member Paul Mauer, who is celebrating his 4-year anniversary with StaxUP Storage.

paul mauer with staxup storage

Paul Mauer is the facility manager at StaxUP Storage in El Cajon, California and he is celebrating 4 years with the team.

Peter: Hey Paul, how many years are we celebrating with StaxUP this year?

Paul: That would be 4 years this year.

Peter: Congratulations! Four years is a long time to work at any job these days.

Paul: Haha, yeah, that’s for sure!

Peter: Do you have any stories from your 4 years in self storage that people might be interested in?

Paul: I don’t know how much time you got, haha,

Peter: Right? Haha, working in self storage is so unique in that you’re dealing with people’s stuff. It’s really personal. Do you have any stories about a happy time or a time when you really helped someone out?

Paul: Well, I really liked helping Teen Challenge. I don’t know if you’re aware, but it’s a group that helps kids recover from drug abuse. There’s some younger ones and some that are older as well. We used to have a car wash for a few years and it was really neat having people come up and get their car washed for free, but we encouraged donations. People were very generous. To me, the most exciting thing was just watching these guys be so excited about washing these cars and stuff and doing it because they’ve been changed. It was just so neat to see them and the joy and the peace they had now and to me that was just a really special time. I’d like to do something like that again with foster kids. I’d like to do a car wash or something like that as well. I really enjoy being able to do that and that StaxUP has made it possible for me to do that, because they want to help out.

Peter: That’s awesome. Just great. You’re out at El Cajon, right?  

Paul: That’s correct.

drive up access at staxup storage in el cajon

StaxUP Storage in El Cajon, CA features drive up units and is entirely ground floor.

Peter: Tell me a little bit about that facility. I’ve been there a couple times, but the people who are going to read this maybe haven’t been there before. What are some of the unique features of that facility?

Paul: We’re a very small facility. There are only 218 units. The good thing about it is it’s all ground floor units. You don’t have to go up any elevators. You don’t have to go up any stairs. You can drive right up to it. It’s actually got good gate hours from 6 in the morning to 10 at night. That’s why a lot of people come here, because it’s so convenient. A lot of other places you have to go down a hallway or up some stairs or you have swing doors. These are roll up doors, so it’s really handy. It’s in a residential area, so it’s pretty quiet and people feel pretty safe. Like I said, it’s a smaller facility, so we don’t have any issues. I had some issues when I first came here, but now it’s pretty quiet. People feel secure storing here.

Peter: Taking over new management from a previous owner can be tricky sometimes.

Paul: Yeah, it was a little different in the old days. Some people had some ideas that were problematic. Now, we have people here who are happy about the fact that we keep up with maintenance and that I treat it like it’s my own facility.

Peter: Working in self storage sounds like a pretty sweet gig.

Paul: Yeah, that’s what I tell people. I worked in maintenance for many years and the reason I got started into it is because I like working with people. There are a lot of people who need to use self storage due to unfortunate circumstances. I really try to help those people out and work with them and be understanding about their situation. And also be able to joke around with them and make them laugh a little.

Peter: It’s nice when someone can lighten the mood during a stressful time.

Paul: For sure.

Peter: So, you’re not always at work. Do you have any hobbies that you like to partake in when you aren’t in the office?

Paul: I’m not too exciting anymore. I used to do a lot of other things, but now I just mostly enjoy hanging out with my wife and son when I have free time. Whatever we’re doing, that’s what I enjoy doing.

gated entrance at staxup storage in el cajon

Gated access is one of many security features at StaxUP Storage.

Peter: Family is the most important thing.

Paul: Yeah, I used to do a lot of other things, but I realized that people are the most important, so I enjoy spending time with them.

Peter: For sure, for sure. Are there any restaurants in the area you like to frequent?

Paul: Oh, you know, I don’t like to go out that much. As far as restaurants go, I’m not much for going out. I enjoy my wife’s cooking. We go out occasionally, but I wouldn’t say I have a favorite place.  

Peter: In that case, does your wife have any go to dishes or recipes? What’s one of your favorite things your wife cooks?

Paul: Oh, that she makes? Probably posole. She makes great posole. She also makes clam chowder as well. She makes enchiladas.

uhaul rentals at staxup storage

Rent your next U-haul from StaxUP Storage in El Cajon, CA!

Peter: Yes, that sounds delicious. At the end of these, I like to ask if there’s anyone at StaxUP or in the home office that you think deserves a shout out for helping you in the past. Is there anyone who deserves a shout out?

Paul: I’d like to thank Julie for giving me a chance. I mean, I came out here from Wisconsin 4 years ago and I was already in my 50’s at the time. I wanted to move back to be more involved in missions work down in Mexico. It’s not easy to get a job when you’re in your 50’s already especially doing something else, but I wanted to get started working with people.I understand that most of the people working in this field are younger, 20’s-early 30’s, getting into it. Her and Don, when they interviewed me, took a chance on me, because I was new moving here, I was older and had very little experience working with a computer, so that’s why I want to give a shoutout to Julie, because she gave me a chance and was a great District Manager.

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