StaxUP Storage in El Cajon Adopts Two Families for Christmas

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staxup storage el cajon christmas presents

The team at StaxUP Storage in El Cajon, CA helped two families celebrate Christmas this year by providing presents.

In the middle of December, we told you about the StaxUP Storage team’s goal to provide Christmas presents for two El Cajon, CA area families. We are happy to announce that this is the fourth year the team has successfully participated in the city’s Adopt a Family program.

Paul Mauer, manager at StaxUP Storage in El Cajon, was not able to attend the event where the families received the gifts, but has been a part of the store’s adopt a family events since the beginning.

“I know how much of a difference this can make based on my experience in previous years. In the past, we’ve helped people who have just lost their jobs, people who have been in accidents,” said Paul.”I know that whatever they’re going through this year has to be pretty tough, so I’m glad that we were able to get the people taking care of the kids something, because I’m sure if it came down to it, they’d just get something for the kids and nothing for themselves.”

Enough donations were raised to provide presents for four children and three adults in all. The team at StaxUP – El Cajon shows how even a small team can make a big difference in the community, even without a lot of time. Due to various circumstances, the donation drive only ran for two weeks, but was still a success.

“It was really fun. The families got there one by one,” said Korina, StaxUP Storage Assistant Manager. “The first family was a mom and her son and they were both really grateful. The little boy was really sweet and he kept pointing out how his name was on the wall and how he had his family’s name there. He was just really excited. It felt really rewarding being able to help out a family at Christmas.”  

Seeing the impact it has on local families has inspired the staff to make adopting a family (or two or three) a yearly tradition. Next year they hope to get the word about the event out a little earlier in December, so more members of the storage community and surrounding businesses can contribute. Great job, team! Can’t wait to see the good you do next year!

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