Self Storage Milestone: Happy 11-Year Anniversary to Brandi Fleming

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Here at StaxUP Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our renters is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with San Marcos, CA team member Brandi Fleming, who is celebrating her 11-year anniversary with StaxUP Storage.

Brandi Fleming is a Senior Team Member at StaxUP Storage in San Marcos, California.

You can ask Brandi for self storage help at StaxUP Storage in San Marcos, CA.

Colby: What anniversary are you celebrating this year?

Brandi: I am on year either 11 or 12. I can’t remember.

Colby: After a while the years just tend to bleed together, don’t they? What initially attracted you to StaxUP Storage?

Brandi: I was a manager at a property at a different company. When I was looking for a different area, we were offered to come down and we jumped on it!

“I’ve worked with Brandi for about 8 years now and she has grown in her ability to coach team members. She is a senior team member for a reason. She is just a great coach who knows how to talk to people in a really kind, but firm way when needed. That has been one of her really great areas of growth. She is one of the most willing people to help others.”

Julie Merry, StaxUP Storage Brand Vice President

Colby: So what’s the biggest difference between the old job and StaxUP?

Brandi: The company is so much more family oriented. I felt at home within the first year, and I realized early this is a company I could probably grow with. I was also excited to be here, I have never thought of what I do as just a job, for a long time I have known that this was my career and something that I could grow in.

Colby: Do you have a favorite story that you like to tell about the industry or about what it’s like to work there?

Brandi: I don’t really have a story I just really enjoy the customer service. You know, it’s one of those jobs where you’re not always stuck inside the office, and you’re not always outside. It’s indoor/outdoor, and you get to talk to people, the tenants that are there the longest become almost family, because you see them so much, and I really enjoy that.

Colby: So what’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work?

Brandi: I am a girl scout leader. I have had the same troop since they were in first grade. They are all graduating this year. Five out of my seven girls have been with me since brownies. They are like family you really grown up with them. It’s actually like having seven more girls sometimes. That’s what I did when my daughter asked for a sibling, I put here in girl scouts instead.

Brandi Fleming is a Girl Scout Troop Leader when she’s not at her facility.

Colby:  So do you have a go-to place for lunch time?

Brandi: I would have to say for food that Slater’s 50 / 50 is a really good place. They have all the best burgers and you can get them your way. You can’t go wrong with the Cow Shed, which is 400 feet away from my office and they have a great grill.

Colby: Is there anybody that you would you like to give a shout out to in celebration of another year at StaxUP?

Brandi: Oh, gosh, everyone in the home office. The encouragement that we get from them is just amazing and Julie has been just an awesome boss. I don’t even like calling her my boss, but she’s my boss I love her.

StaxUP Storage

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