Self Storage Milestone: Happy 7-Year Anniversary to Christopher Flanagan!

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Here at StaxUP Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our renters is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with Escondido, CA team member Christopher Flanagan, who is celebrating his 7-year anniversary with Diablo Mini Storage.

You can ask Christopher for self storage help at Diablo Mini Storage in Escondido, CA.

Colby: My first question, Chris, is what year anniversary are you celebrating this year?

Christopher: I believe this is number seven.

Colby: Number seven, okay, and have you always been at the Diablo location?

Christopher: Yeah, I started working in between San Marcos and Diablo but I moved over to San Marcos to be full time manager over here.

Colby: So what’s the best thing that you have learned in the industry, especially after making the switch to full time manager?

Christopher: By far, the biggest lesson I have learned is how to treat people, and not just the customers, but the team members as well. I like creating plans and finding solutions for the people I interact with daily.

Colby: Any good self storage stories that you tell people when they ask you about work?

Christopher: The favorite ones that I have actually aren’t very entertaining, but they are my favorite because they show the effort that my team and I put forth to help the tenants. For example, when I do the walk through, if I find a unit that is unlocked, I’ll rush back up to the office and call the tenant right away, and they are always appreciative and grateful that we checked properly and notified them right away. It’s nice to know the trust is not misplaced.

“Christopher started out during a difficult time and really did an awesome job of keeping things up and running during some difficult times. He did such a terrific job that we were able to promote him. He has built relationships with the owner of the facility that have really helped us have cohesive communication with our third-party ownership. He’s hard working and just continues to jump in and help. He shows up early and stays late.”

Julie Merry, StaxUP Storage Brand Vice President

Colby: Outside of work, what are some of the hobbies you enjoy doing when you’re not at the facility?

Christopher: On my days off, I enjoy woodworking. I do a good bit of that, though I haven’t done it in a while. I like autocross racing in my car. I try to get out and golf once a week, and I am also a volunteer with the city of Escondido, as an emergency responder, but I want to get a few more certifications in that though.

Colby: Oh very cool, very cool. Where do you go golfing at?

Christopher: Oh wherever I can really. My main course is at the Welk, the executive course. But also Reidy Creek, and Boulder Oaks. Whatever is local around here. You could probably go to a different course everyday out of the year and not repeat any.

Colby: Wow. What is your favorite restaurant in the area? Any local places you like to frequent?

Christopher: I am more of a cook at home kind of guy. I cook almost every night, but if I really had to pick a restaurant I would pick Vintana. They are really good. They are on top of a Lexus dealership. It’s pretty unique.

“Christopher has been an amazing team member. He jumps in when we need to do a project and he’s flexible when we need to cover days. It’s really fun to work with him. He’s learned the programs very quickly, which has been really important with the recent change. His customer service has only gotten better and better over the years too!”

Brandi Fleming, StaxUP Storage San Marcos Manager

Colby: I’m sure you interact with a lot of people that are moving into town for the first time, is there any advice you would give to someone moving down there

Christopher: Get out and explore. Escondido has a lot to offer but some of it is tucked away. We have a weekly car show in the spring/summer called Cruisin’ Grand. We have the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and of course, tons of hiking. Just get out there.

Colby: Well, last question, is there anybody you would like to give a shout out to in celebration of year 7?

Christopher: Oh, absolutely. On the work side, I have a huge amount of appreciation for Chad Hunt and Brandi Fleming. They are always available for me to pick their brains, and the same goes for me. I would also like to thank the home office especially Don, Randy, and Julie. On a more personal note, I would love to thank my family. The job requires a fair amount of flexibility and they have always supported me in that.

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