H&M Garage Event Sale April 21st, 2018 Follow-up

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At H&M Self Storage in Sun City, California we had a garage sale event on Saturday, April 21st. We love being able to help our tenants and customers spring clean their units, and give the public a chance to get in on some fantastic deals while having a relaxed look at our facility.

H&M Facility Manager Rebecca Avila said that she had six tenants that opened their units to shoppers on Saturday. While she was expecting more of her customers to participate in the event, Rebecca said that a couple of them had enough items to fill four storage units.

Rebecca made sure that the tenants participating in the garage sale were well taken care of. Starting off in the morning she provided them with donuts, water, bananas, coffee, and tea. Then in the afternoon her husband, Hector Avila, cooked up some hot dogs, and Rebecca had condiments, chips and lemonade for the tenants.  

When Rebecca realized they had more than enough food for the tenants that were participating, she decided to feed the shoppers as well.

“I don’t believe in wasting, so we shared,” Rebecca said. “Before we opened we had a couple of people waiting to come in. There was another community in the area with newer homes that was having a huge community garage sale so I think a lot of the customers were there.”

Despite competing with another garage sale event happening at the same time, Rebecca says that the tenants still did alright, “I think each of them made a couple hundred dollars.”

Of the units that had items for sale, one in particular held some potentially valuable treasures,  including collectable Disney, Baseball, and general sports memorabilia.

“I guess his brother in law recently passed, he worked at Disneyland so he had stuff for years and years and years. Like the original Tigger Teddy that was in its original box. A lot of stuff,” Rebecca said.

It was the perfect time for shoppers to also get a good look at the layout of the facility since the garage sale was not confined to one area.

“It was kind of throughout the property, even though it was six units. We had two tenants right by the office, and then in the middle section it was one tenant who rented a 26 foot moving truck with all furniture. Down that aisle was tons of furniture. And then the very last aisle she had all kinds of clothes and bicycles and tools,” Rebecca said.

The success of the day was made possible by not only Rebecca, but also Self Storage Professional Marc Romo and Rebecca’s husband Hector, who helped by manning the barbecue.”

It’s amazing to see our facilities going above and beyond the call for their customers. Events like these help the self storage community grow closer. It also encourages those who may be curious about self storage to come meet the community and see the facility in a relaxed and fun environment. We can’t thank the H&M team and it’s tenants enough for helping us put on this great event, and if you weren’t able to make it to this one we hope that you’ll be excited as we are to participate in the next one!

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