StaxUP Storage in San Ysidro Celebrates Mother’s Day with Flowers

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At StaxUP Storage in San Ysidro, we like to celebrate Mother’s Day with a colorful token of affection. Laura Castillon, San Ysidro Facility Manager, told us all about how they honor mothers with their flower giveaway happening from May 11th through the 13th.

Happy Mother's Day from StaxUP Storage

“Every year, we give flowers out for Mother’s Day, and for Mexican Mother’s Day, because we are so close to the border. We try to get different colors and then we let them pick which roses they want.

“We’ll put the flowers in the front and make them all nice and it smells like flowers, so it’s really nice throughout that time. It’s not a usual thing that we have flowers out daily.”

Laura says that the flowers are bought from a local shop, ensuring that they are as fresh and beautiful as possible.

“We get them from Smart and Final, which is right across the street. They usually put out flowers throughout the whole week. We’ll go on a couple of trips, just so they won’t die here. So maybe we’ll get a couple dozen at the beginning and then once we run out we’ll go get a few more.”  

Sometimes it surprises our customers when our locations are so committed to celebrating holidays. Laura says that the flowers and candy are their way of showing they truly care about their customers, and not about getting customers in and out of the facility.

“It lets them know that it’s more personal than just a business.”

Although Laura has only been at the San Ysidro self storage facility for two years, she says that it was a hit last year. “It brought a smile to everyone’s face when you offer this to them. It’s nice, It feels good.”

Laura says that the flowers are for anyone, including kids, “There’s been a couple kids that come by so we even give them a flower to give to their mom, because I know they’re in the property and they just stopped by the bathroom. One mom stopped by later on and was like ‘Thank you so much, it was so nice!’ that kind of stuff. You can tell that the kids were excited to go give their mom a flower.”

In the future, Laura would like to give out flowers to kids more often so they can surprise their mother. So if you are planning on stopping by the facility, why not bring the little ones along so they can pick up a flower for Mom? Laura and the rest of her crew are excited to say hi to all of their customers and make everyone’s Mother’s Day a little brighter with their flowers.

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