Self Storage Milestone: Happy 5-Year Anniversary to Pete Hoff

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Here at StaxUP Storage, we know our success is due to our wonderful team. The care they give our renters is unparalleled and we want to highlight their milestones along the way. Below is an interview with team member Pete Hoff, who is celebrating his 5-year anniversary with StaxUP Storage.

Pete Hoff at Desert Self Storage

You can meet Pete at Desert Self Storage in Desert Hot Springs, California.

Colby: How did you start working in self storage?

Pete: When my wife and I dropped off a U-Haul truck here at Desert Self Storage. My wife told Barb and Rick if they needed anyone for part time work to call Pete. I was retired and living here in DHS. I got a call six months later and here I am.

Colby: Is it what you expected?

Pete: Didn’t know what to expect and boy what a ride it’s been.

Colby: What advice would you give someone who is just beginning a career in self storage?

Pete: Make sure you fill out all the paperwork correctly, especially the addresses and phone numbers at the time of the rental and you should be just fine.

Colby: What are your hobbies when you aren’t at your facility?

Pete: Living the American Dream with my BFF!

Colby: What advice would you give someone moving to the area?

Pete: Be ready for the wind and the heat!

“Pete’s a tough as nails kind of guy. He’s always willing to jump in and cover the property and do whatever it takes to make things run smooth. It has been a pleasure to work with Our Self Storage Manager of the year 2017 for sure!”

Chad Hunt, StaxUP Storage District Manager

Colby: What’s your favorite thing to do in the city?

Pete: Finding the best breakfast spot in the Low Desert.

Colby: What’s your favorite local restaurant in the area?

Pete: Pho Vu located in Rancho Mirage.

Colby: Would you like to give a shout-out to anybody?

Pete: To everyone who has been part of my storage journey!

Desert Self Storage

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