StaxUP Storage in Homeland, California to Celebrate Upsy Daisy Day with a Customer Appreciation event June 8th!

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Did you know that Upsy Daisy Day is a national holiday in the United States? Neither did we, but we are glad that our team in Homeland, CA decided to have their customer appreciation event on that day!

Alisha Carey, facility manager at StaxUP Storage in Homeland, CA, found out about the holiday when she decided she wanted her customer appreciation event to line up with a national holiday. She was pleasantly surprised to find that this particular national holiday embodied the sentiment she hopes to communicate by having the customer appreciation event.

“A girl started this day because she wanted everyone to remember that we rise to have a great attitude through the day no matter what life may throw at us. I think this is just a fun theme for the day that kind of goes along with being positive and showing our appreciation and gratefulness to our customers.”

The event is happening from Noon to 4:00 p.m. is for current customers and those looking to rent. The facility is providing snacks including pretzels, chips, popcorn, and cookies. There will also be refreshing lemonade, juice and water. Make sure to bring your “A” game though, because there will be fun games to play while you are there!

“We are going to have Plinko, a bean bag toss game that’s kind of like cornhole, and we have a ring toss type game,” Alisha says.

To make this event even sweeter, everybody who comes and participates in the event will be entered into a raffle. The raffle prize is a gift basket filled with beach BBQ and summer themed items that the whole family will be able to enjoy.

So whether you think you might come to play a few games, or to chat with Alisha and the rest of the team over some pretzels and lemonade, just come! Alisha is excited to celebrate Upsy Daisy Day with everyone and loves having a reason to thank her customers for being awesome tenants.

“We do these events so we can give back and tell our customers thank you for their business and for being here,” Alisha said. “It’s our way of showing that we appreciate them.”

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